Ecuador 4x4 offroad travel and tours off the beaten path on unpaved roads

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Ecuador 4x4 offroad tours

Ecuador 4x4 offroad tours

If you like driving off the path and running through mud, over tree trunks and having to engage the double traction... the Ecuador has the roads for you. There are many unpaved and unmaintained roads all throughout the country.

Offroading allows you to explore unique landscapes and small villages that are less visited and sometimes people at these places have never seen a "gringo".

All you have to do is rent a jeep, buy a map and get lost... or you can book with a specialized tour operator who will guide you through a full adrenaline driving experience. A tour operator can help you select an attractive road with spectacular landscapes and interesting cultural encounters.

Ecuador roads have improved greatly and continue to do so, start planning your trip before dirt roads dissapear under the pavement.

Some recommended routes for 4x4 driving are:

Quito - Cruz loma
Quito - LLoa
Quito - Pacto
Otavalo - Intag
Quilotoa Circuit
Salinas de Bolivar - Quevedo
Baeza - Puyo
Zuleta - Ibarra
Pedernales - Cojimies
Pedernales - Bahia (by the beach)
Nono - Mindo

Roads get specially muddy in the rainy season, if you are in for adventure it is a great time to explore Ecuador in an all terrain vehicle.


  • Check your vehicles tires and the spare tire, jack and tools. Make sure there is a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.
  • Make shure you have a map and understand the route you are taking
  • Most Ecuadorian vehicles are standard transmission, practice driving a stick shift at home before your trip
  • Avoid roads after hours and at dark
  • Always fill the tank before you leave the main highway
  • Make shure the vehicle is in good shape. Check water, brake fluid, oil, etc.

Do not rent a a vehicle that is not 4x4, roads can be in very ...very...very bad shape.