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Traditionally, the Galapagos Islands have been explored onboard cruises. Today though, it is possible to enjoy the Island's many treasures by staying in one of the many accommodations present in the archipelago's main three main islands. One of these rooms, bungalows, suites or cabins will be the perfect complement to a day filled with exploration.

Ecuador Amazon - Missahualli and Tena hotels directory


Puma Rosa - Comfortable rooms. Located on the Malecón. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 06-886320.

Establo de Tomás - Nice cabins overlooking the river. Located 20 minutes from Tena (along the road to San Antonio). Reservations: Tel. 06-886318.

Los Yutzos
- Address: Augusto Rueda 190. Family run with comfortable rooms. Tel & Fax: 06-886717. They also provide tours to the jungle and rafting.

Hostal Turismo Amazónico - Address: Amazonas and Abdón Calderón. Reservations: Tel. 06-886487.

Hostal Villa Belén - Located to the north, on Av. Jumandi (Baeza road). Reservations: Tel. 06-886228.

Hostal Traveler's Lodging - Basic. Address: 15 de Noviembre 422. Reservations: Tel. 06-886372, Fax: 06-886015.

Jumandy - Address: Amazonas and Abdón Calderón. Reservations: Tel. 06-886329.

Residential Nápoli - Address: Díaz de Pineda 147. Reservations: Tel. 06-886194.


Misahuallí Jungle Hotel - sits on a breathtaking, 145-hectare parcel of primary Amazonian rainforest at the juncture of the Napo and Misahuallí rivers. In addition to excellent accomodations, Misahuallí offers a top of the line restaurant, and jungle treks and tours right from the lodge.

France Amazonía - Stone cabins. Located along the road to Misahuallí. Reservations: 06-887499, 06-887570.

Albergue Español - Located on J. Arteaga. Address: Eloy Alfaro 3147 and Carlos Julio Arosemena, Quito. Reservations: Tel. 02-2453703, Fax: 02-2466911.

Marena Inn - Located half a block from the Plaza, on Juan Arteaga. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 06-887584, in Tena.

Hostal Casa Eduardo - Located on Napo about 3 blocks from the park. Reservations: Tel. 02-2254950.

Granilandia - Located on Santander street at the entrance of Misahuallí. Reservations: Tel. 02-2350256, Fax: 02-2350873, Quito.