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Ecuador and Galapagos Trekking and Hiking

The great diversity in bio-ecological environments, landscaped variations and indigenous villages of the Andes mountain ranges coupled with the Oriente and lower coastland areas makes Ecuador a paradise for trekkers wherever you decide to venture. In addition the Paramo treks take you through changing climates leading from and to tropical rain forests and back to cloud forests all within the same day as you discover the diversity of animal and bird life that differs considerably through the changing lands.

For visitors to Ecuador who like hiking and trekking, there are a number of excellent trips through the Andean paramo (a sub-alpine zone) which features spectacular views of Ecuador's volcanic peaks. The most popular trek is the Ingapirca trek which takes you along an old Incan trail to Ecuador's most important Incan ruins, Ingapirca.

For the intrepid trekker there are several Andes-to-Amazon hikes that take you from the grassy plains of the high altitude paramo, through cloudforest, and finally to lowland rainforest. During your descent, as you pass from one ecosystem to another, you'll see dramatic changes in the flora and fauna while you are peeling off layer after layer of clothing. At the beginning of your journey, you may be huddled on a paramo cushion plant as a condor soars overhead; and a few days later, you could be wiping the sweat off your brow as you try to get a glimpse of a blue and green macaw squawking in the crown of a palm tree.

There are numerous route options, since the locals keep most trails well-trodden. On the Eastern Slope of the Andes heading down to the Amazon basin, try the routes running from Oyacachi to El Chaco, Atillo to Macas, or Saraguro to 25 de Mayo. Recommended treks on the coastal side of the Andes include the Golondrinas hike, Lloa to Mindo, and Chugchilan to Pucayacu.

Coastal and rainforest hikes are possible, but it's a good idea to hire a local guide as it is easy to get lost and you're often traveling though private or community-held land. There are some great hikes from lodges along the Napo River. For the more adventurous, a canoe trip along the Tiputini or Yasuni rivers can be arranged with indigenous guides. Near the coast, an especially interesting area is the Bilsa Reserve near Quininde where a devoted group of biologists from the Jatun Sacha Foundation are working to save a remnant of coastal forest. This area is also home to the Chachi indigenous group.

Trekkking in the Galapagos Islands has become very popular and is amongst our favourites. It is possible to spot more animals hiking around the Islands in 1 hour than 1 week anywhere else. There are some interesting hikes in the Galapagos: Sierra Negra Volcano, Volcan Alcedo, Santa Cruz highlands. You can also enjoy more mild walks on lava fields, on secluded beaches and other pristine areas.